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Depression and its associated factors among Medical Students   Pranoy Ghosh and Rupali Pitamber Thakur

Depression and its associated factors among Medical Students

60 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In past one year 3 students of Burdwan Medical College were severely victimised of depression. One of them has committed suicide, other one died because of acute pancreatitis resulting from chronic alcohol intake, the last one is admitted to hospital and struggling with his life after having horrible accident due to bike riding with heavily drinking and all of them were suffering from severe depression. [documented on 10/1/2015] There are such considerable evidences that rates of depression and suicide are higher in medical students.Depression among medical students represents a neglected public health problem in India. Medical students are a valuable human source for our future and depression in them leads to less productivity, reduced quality of life, learning difficulties and may negatively affect patient care, placing him or her at greater risk for problems such as substance abuse and suicidal behavior. So, come on. Let's assess prevalence of depression in medical students and...
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