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Visual Imagery,a Threshold to Success: Blending Sports with Psychology   Seena M. Mathai

Visual Imagery,a Threshold to Success: Blending Sports with Psychology

156 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
The book, "Visual Imagery a Threshold to success" blends sports with Psychology. The book gives a bird’s eye view of the Psychology of Sports and reveals how to achieve peek performance through infinite power of the mind. The book, for interested practitioners, gives a detailed description of Visual Imagery, its functions, appropriate places where it can be used, the various factors influencing imagery and the neural basis of visualization. It tells the reader elaborately the precautions to be taken while giving imagery, the required preconditions, preparation of an imagery script with examples and the places where it can be practiced. The findings based on the study conducted by the author, its implications, suggestions for further research and future is also included. This humble, first attempt on the part of the author reveals the scope of the art of Imagery applied to any aspect of behaviour modification.Furthermore, if your sports performance or any other aspect of life has...
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