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Nomads in Karnataka   Chandrakant Jamadar and Crystal Joan Cotter

Nomads in Karnataka

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is an invigorating, challenging and thought provoking research on this vagabond community. Every sphere of their life is acutely problematic. In fact, they lead a beastly life; their journey of life is a painful dirge. It is an excruciating hunt for a morsel of food to satisfy their hunger and a piece of cloth to cover their nudity. The days are spent on futile search for food and shelter. Adult men and women, along with the newly married husband and wife sleep together in an available hut or make shift shelter without any privacy. Indeed, it is a life of animals. Daily ablutions and chores will be done in an open ground as they do not have either toilet or bathrooms. Whole life of this people is spent under the sky facing relentless rain, sun and chilling weather. The study is, In fact, the breath taking story of the life of this unique, nomadic community.
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