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Fathers of Color   Jamil Davis

Fathers of Color

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The low-income father of color has been poorly represented in research studies relating to positive aspects of their involvement as fathers. Researchers have shown that studies that positively reflect the involvement of fathers are often overrepresented by samples of white fathers, while fathers of color are often labeled as absent, non-resident, peripheral, and deadbeat. Current research is beginning to explore the positive qualities of this marginalized group through studies that document the potential for fathers of color to serve as positive role models. This research gathered data from two focus groups (n=9 and n=5) of low-income African American and Hispanic fathers of color. This study seeks to contribute to the literature by documenting the narrative of 14 joint and custodial fathers of color from New York City. This research found supporting data regarding the existence of nurturing and protective qualities such as, spending quality time with their children and being present...
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