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Psychosocial Aspects of Player's Engagement to the Sitting Volleyball   Mladen Protic

Psychosocial Aspects of Player's Engagement to the Sitting Volleyball

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last three decades, the development of disability movements has also been followed by significant increase in interest in research among disabled population. A lot of papers have been published on motivation for sport and physical activity participation, but mainly among people without disability. On the other hand, experts working with people with disability from the field of sport and physical activities face the lack of evidence of determinants of their participation. This book, therefore, provides an insight into motivational factors of sitting volleyball participation among athletes with physical disability from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Greece. The book should help shed some light to the field of sport psychology for the persons with disability. It could be especially useful for the professionals in the field of disability sports and adapted physical activity to better understand the needs of people with physical disabilities, and develop...
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