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Reaching Our Voices   Rashmi Singh

Reaching Our Voices

472 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The present venture seeks to give voices to those voiceless women's issues which have been unheard and undermined in the academia of psychology. Though greater international and national visibility and emphasis have been accorded to women’s issues, there have been very few attempts to discern and demarcate what constitutes a psychology of women and gender within the discipline of academic psychology in India. This book identifies principal areas of investigation including issues of women and paid employment, women’s physical, mental, reproductive health, issues associated with family and marriage, empowerment of women analysed from biopsychosocial perspectives. Compendium of researches emphasize on transition from adjustment to change in the lives of women as well as manifestations of power relations in human activities and relationship using the gender lens to make clear issues of “equality and power, right and privilege, sameness and difference” instead of just being a...
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