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Overcoming Adversities: Resilience in Rural Southeastern Montana   Kristie Knows His Gun,Rodger K. Bufford and Winston Seegobin

Overcoming Adversities: Resilience in Rural Southeastern Montana

60 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Native Americans, the original people from the vast region of North America, have endured numerous historical traumas. Yet many have been able to overcome their impoverished living conditions and maintain full-time employment. It is hypothesized that protective factors promoted resilience within these individuals, which encouraged a successful future. The present study examined both the degree and types of trauma experienced by a sample of Native Americans during childhood, along with their current levels of spiritual functioning and resilience. It was found that, overall they were exposed to significantly more childhood adversities and reported lower levels of education and employment status when compared to the Caucasian counterparts. Despite this, however, the Native American employees, in general, were unusual in the fact that they were not debilitated by their exposure to adverse experiences. While the current study cannot explicitly state what protective factors encouraged...
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