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Experience of Recovery Alcohol/Drugs   Joyce Dickens

Experience of Recovery Alcohol/Drugs

184 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This research is based on the ‘Lived Experiences’ of those who have been successful in their Recovery Journey. They were carefully screened and only chosen when it was clear they wanted to help others in the Recovery Journey. The content of this study was to capture the experiences of early recovery and analyze these experiences to learn from them. This study accomplished this intent. Just as other researchers have said this research also found that continuing care in recovery maintenance is most helpful in maintaining longer-term recovery. One cannot just assume that a person is now in recovery, as that is when the recovery journey of a new way of life begins. Whether on their own, working with a counselor, in a treatment facility, or an out-patient, continuing care in recovery management will assist this new journey toward longer-term recovery. This study will serve as an important reference for individuals, researchers, and professionals. And, also for Program Directors for...
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