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From West Street to Pixley kaSeme Street   Lyndsay Brown

From West Street to Pixley kaSeme Street

220 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Is race perpetuated through the continuing construction of our racialised subjectivities in/through place? This question places this book squarely within the fields of the social psychology of race, place and identity. To collect data that could facilitate access to racialised place-identity constructions, the author used a mobile methodology in which black and white city government officials (who had grown up in Durban, South Africa) took her on walking and/or driving tours of the city of Durban talking about the racial transformation of this city from apartheid times to the present post- apartheid city. Through paying close analytic attention to the interaction on the tours it became evident that key practices which produced race on the tours – the spatial, discursive and embodied practices – were inextricably connected to each other in a ‘trialectical’ (tri-constitutional) relationship. It is argued that this trialectical relationship needs further analysis...
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