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Stress Management for Adolescents   Jay Kumar Ranjan and Masroor Jahan

Stress Management for Adolescents

168 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Adolescence is a time of maturation of physical as well as psychological processes. The Indian studies reported that the prevalence rates of psychosocial disturbances due to stress among adolescents that ranging from 6.42% to 30.92%. Stress among adolescents are persist mainly due to rapid biological and hormonal changes, bodily changes, academic hassles, peer pressure, need for autonomy, demand of the teachers and parents for good grades, and the competitive environment in schools. A high level of stress has been recognized as a predictor of depression and suicidal ideation in young people. Stress has also been found to be strongly associated with the onset of illnesses and deterioration in perceived or actual well-being. Present study assesses the efficacy of stress management for the adolescent students focusing on improving their adjustment and academic performance and to see the durability of the therapeutic gains.
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