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Supporting carers'. what does this mean to them?   Kinthee Sunner

Supporting carers'. what does this mean to them?

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recognising an informal carers’ voice in caring for a loved one with dementia is an overlooked area in the current literature and therefore the study provides some light to this concern. Semi-structure interviews were employed with Interpretative analysis was employed in order to explore the participants’ experiences and views; therefore an appropriate methodology for the study. The results highlighted the following master themes in relation to understanding support: Burden in ‘caring’, social/group therapy and emotional needs. The findings highlighted how the carers in the current study value support: that makes them feel capable, that being part of a shared support group is uplifting and an issue overlooked was how needed emotional support was; yet lacking. Therefore the implications would suggest further research is needed into providing emotional support provisions.
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