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Left-Handed People in a Right-Handed World:   Yusra Masud

Left-Handed People in a Right-Handed World:

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Handedness is one of the important human traits. If one looks around, one will notice that majority of the people are right-handed in this world. Still the lefthanders are not such a minority. About 10-15% of the population of this world is left-handed. Along with biology, in determination of hand preference, culture and religion also plays its role. The perceptions and experiences of left-handers are to some extent explored in western countries but when left-handedness was reviewed in Pakistan it was found that very little academic literature exists on it. This book therefore provides an in-depth knowledge of perceptions of right-handers about left-handedness and experiences of left-handed people. The phenomenon was studied in three distinct and interrelated studies. The analysis should help shed some light on left-handedness with reference to Pakistani culture and should be specially useful for psychologists working in social, developmental and clinical areas but also for parents...
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