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Applied Psychology   Dileepkumar S. Navale

Applied Psychology

124 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
General Health, Psychological well-Being and occupational Stress of Employees in industrial and organizational is an original record of the work in progress,One of the most significance in psychology of this century.It has become a primary reference for anyone interested in industrial employees. This research has been written for use of all people. This text has six parts Introduction, Review of Related Studies, Methodology and Results,Interpretation, Conclusion final is Research finding. Indeed it is difficult task to present all the basic essential aspects of such a vast subject like psychology into a limited number of chapters and pages of a brief text.However, an attempt is being made to present as well as the needs and demands of the employees and a common person. Throughout the text,I have tried to make the subject as readable and stimulating as possible. The terms and concepts have been provided with a compact and concise along with research recent reviews of studies and the...
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