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Pomegranate Flesh   Kayt Davies

Pomegranate Flesh

276 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pomegranate Flesh is a retelling on an old story about blossoming womanhood, told so gently that that the fragrance of the flower covered hillsides rolls from the pages. Told so honestly that every woman who remembers her girlhood and every girl who loves her mother will feel its undercurrents. Built from the universal bones of the great body of Greek mythology, this story is a teaching tale to guide mothers and daughters through the perilous journey of the teenage years. The book takes us from the days when young Kora and her mother, Demeter, live together, through Kora''s search for her destiny, through her mother''s sense of loss and fear, to the establishment of balance in their adult-to-adult relationship. Interwoven into the story are other myths and other characters, such as Narcissus, Echo and Hecate, whose actions and outcomes follow paths of their own making. Set in a dreamlike landscape this is a story about humanity and the search for meaning, as relevant now as it was...
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