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Understanding grief   Elijah Macharia Ndung'u

Understanding grief

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Young adults are not prepared for their own death. The reaction and intensity of grief varies from one individual to another, some ably cope with it while others stagnate and are unable to complete the grieving process. Unlike older people who are better prepared for the losses which are an increasing occurrence in old age and hence mourn less, the young adults are not well prepared since they are faced with a competitive world and are more preoccupied with socioeconomic demands like career accomplishment, being independent, raising up a family and economic stability. This book examines the perceptions and attitudes of the Kenyan young adult towards grief as well as the influencing factors including socialization process, religious practices and beliefs. Thus, the book provides professional counselors and educators in counseling training institutions with useful insight to bereavement counseling and young adults’ perception to grief.
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