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Psycho-Social Effects of Conflicts on the Lives of Women   Lenah J. Sambu

Psycho-Social Effects of Conflicts on the Lives of Women

100 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book focuses on the psychosocial effects of conflicts. It provides an analysis of the social and psychological effects of conflicts on the lives of women. Displacement, separation from family, detention, rape and other forms of sexual violence, grief, loss or disappearance of relatives, fear, all forms of bodily harm, stress due to many responsibilities and scarce resources, lack of basic needs, rejection after rape and change of role after loss of husband are the main areas captured in the book. The book is based on a study whose sample consisted of women from two areas: West Pokot and North Pokot in the North Rift of Kenya. The study findings reveal that during conflicts women experience social and psychological problems hence living in a state of hopelessness and helplessness. Consequently, the author recommends that the Kenya government and other stakeholders should increase peace building capacities that fully involve women. She further suggests that there is need to...
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