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Marital Adjustment   Juliet Mondol

Marital Adjustment

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Marital adjustment is an evolutional process between a couple . Marital adjustment refers to a state of accommodation which is achieved in different areas where conflict may exist. Marriage in India is thought to be an epitome of sacrifice, togetherness, belongingness, sharing and evolving . In the words of Tagore“Birds build their nests with straw. It matters little to them to leave their homes and go. But we build ours with our minds. That becomes an invisible shelter in all that we do ,in our work, our reading , our thinking. Just as a cart makes grooves on its journey which we can feel in the swaying of our bodies, a mind involuntarily settles into grooves it makes with mind’s eye. And we don’t want to get out of them even when there is occasion for it”.The topic for the present study establishes a relationship between marital adjustment and psychophysical well-being of the married couples.There were two major objectives of the present study. 1.To examine the extent of adjustment...
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