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Academic Stress among Adolescents   Sudha Katyal

Academic Stress among Adolescents

164 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the present century, we seem to surge a phase where there is rat race among the youth to the finish – a debilitating competition for college seats and ultimately for better paying jobs. With higher standards, rising stress on intellectual content, and heightened expectations of parents, teachers, and educationists, more and more youngsters are joining the long queues of stress-stricken individuals every year.Academic stress makes them walk precariously and nervously on the tight rope of guilt and efforts towards performance.Loaded with massive guilt complexes at a younger age and fighting with nightmares in the day in terms of competition and rivalry, are the goals of education really being achieved? This is one of the pertinent questions which everyone seems to ponder upon. This book captures interactive effect of family, personality and attitudinal variables on academic stress among adolescents.
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