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Late Adolescent Conversations about Gender Based Violence   Caryn Bachrach

Late Adolescent Conversations about Gender Based Violence

140 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gender based violence is something that many adolescents experience as a daily part of their lives whether at home; in their communities; romantic relationships;in the media or at school. While the prevalence of gender based violence amongst adolescents has been noted, little research is available on how adolescents' views on such violence are expressed through conversations. It is through language that individuals express their thoughts and feelings. This study explores the conversations that adolescents have about gender based violence; the way in which such conversations are organized and structured, in order to create meaning. The findings indicate significant differences in content and conversational styles between male and female participants. The study highlights the importance of developing an awareness of gender based differences inherent in conversations. Psychologists and educators alike will find it useful in implementing strategies to address issues of gender based...
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