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Scared to Death   Leeya Schachter

Scared to Death

100 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This manuscript is an autoethnographic study in which the author explores her struggles with death anxiety throughout her life. In order to gain a deeper understanding of her experiences, the author connects her personal narrative to scholarly data on death anxiety, bereavement, cancer diagnosis and recovery, and “wounded healers.” The author offers a detailed account of her experiences with death including the death of her grandfather as a child, her own thyroid cancer diagnosis as a young adult, and how her diagnosis interacted with her fears of death post-recovery. Within this book, the author seeks to comprehend how her fears of death, cancer diagnosis, and recovery will influence her work as a therapist. By offering her personal narrative, the author’s aim is to be a companion to others who endure similar struggles with death anxiety or an illness and to help others gain a deeper understanding of what it feels like to live through death anxiety and a cancer diagnosis. This...
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