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Entrepreneurial Personality for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage   Christin Tan and Matthew Jellis

Entrepreneurial Personality for a Sustainable Competitive Advantage

76 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Entrepreneurship, as a catalyst for innovation and job creation, has significance for prosperity and well-being at both individual and collective levels. There is a wealth of research on entrepreneurship in business, economics, management and sociology, but psychology’s contribution is yet to be fully exploited, demanding a more scientific, systematic approach to the study. It is in this context of occupational psychology that the Entrepreneurial Personality Measure (EPM) – featuring psychological capital (PsyCap) – is explored for the development of corporate sustainability and competitive advantage. Distinctively, the book provides theoretical and empirical evidence for the viability of the EPM in sustainable business development. It further proposes an integrative model to operationalize and implement the tool within a corporate setting for the gaining of an entrepreneurial and sustainable human competitive advantage. The findings, analysis and recommendations should be especially...
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