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How Tertiary Students use Music to Manage Stress   ZHIWEN GAO

How Tertiary Students use Music to Manage Stress

196 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book investigates how university students use music to manage their stress. Music is an effective technique for preventive stress management because it can easily suits the lifestyle of the students without drawing attention to the individual''s need for help. The aim is to assess the stress levels and explore the possibilities of music in reducing stress. Assessment of stress and recommendations for its management are based on earlier works in this field and the analysis of data obtained from tertiary students in China (Shandong Univ. of Tech.). This study also aims to explore possible differences between genders and majors regarding the effects of stress and the association with music for stress management. It is intended, this research will provide a platform for a comparative experimentation, to identify music which is effective in stress management. Investigation is conducted on cultural aspects which are applicable to Chinese society. The questionnaires...
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