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Experiences of Parenting   Susan Boafo- Arthur

Experiences of Parenting

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Parenting is seen as one of the vehicles by which children are socialised to be able to participate fully in their societies. A vast number of theories on parenting have been postulated by various researchers. This monograph is a synthesis of the results of a study that sought to examine the demonstration of affection and control by Ghanaian parents, how religion influenced their parenting behaviour, and how their children perceived or interpreted their parents’ actions.The study further examined whether any of the behaviours exhibited by the parents in this study could be classified under any of the traditional parenting styles.It was discovered that the behaviour of the parents in this study did not fall wholly into any particular style of parenting. Rather, their approach to parenting was influenced more by their socio-cultural setting.This suggests that research on parenting should also be looked at from a cultural perspective and not only from the Western theoretical viewpoints.
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