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Life Skill Education and Enrichment for Tribal Adolescents   Safeera Anchumukkil and Dhanya N.

Life Skill Education and Enrichment for Tribal Adolescents

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Life skill based education focuses on the development of knowledge, attitude and skills. They support people/children for taking a greater responsibility of their own lives. It also helps children to develop and strengthen their interpersonal and psychosocial capabilities for life skills.Life skills based education addresses real life application of knowledge, attitudes and skills and makes use of participatory and interactive teaching and learning methods. The tribes or adivasis of Kerala are reminiscence of timeless tradition and culture of its civilization. The tribals are still backward considering the state averages on several counts.Kerala holds the pride of owing the highest position in human development and high standard of living but the tribal population in Kerala does not come any where in the scenario. The government is trying immensely to include them in the developmental string by introducing programmes and the like as they are considered to be the most vulnerable ...
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