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Abuse and its’ Psychological Impact on Women in Africa   Esther Mwango

Abuse and its’ Psychological Impact on Women in Africa

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The purpose of the study was to determine different forms of abuse amongst women, their causes, and their physical and psychological impacts. The study covered three districts of the Abagusii community in Kenya. These are Kisii Central, Gucha nd Nyamira districts. Overall, the research was meant to help African societies and relevant stakeholders recognize that women abuse was and still is a serious problem that impedes development. The findings indicated that several forms of abuse exist in the Abagusii community and these are attributed to inequalities between men and women, long- standing patterns of using violence to resolve conflicts, male authority and control of decision making and transgression of gender roles. The research also revealed that abuse is accompanied with a number of psychological impacts such as stress disorders, depression, anxiety and suicide attempt. To reduce the abuse, this research suggests that public forums should be held so as to promote human rights...
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