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Therapeutic potential of Cooking   Priyanka Moryani

Therapeutic potential of Cooking

104 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With work taking over the lives of many, young adults are consumed by high levels of stress and there is a growing recognition of the vital contribution that leisure time can make towards young individuals in terms of promoting their overall development and well-being. This book examines the role of leisure activities and explores the therapeutic potential of Cooking as a leisure activity among young adults. Since limited academic literature exists in this field, the insights gained from this book offer a fresh perspective to the activity of cooking, which so far has been viewed merely as a monotonous and repetitive activity. An in-depth analysis with young adults reveals that cooking as a leisure activity has influenced one or more of the following areas of their lives- aspects of the self, interpersonal relationships, cognitive aspects promoting mental health and physical aspects in terms of general well-being. The strong basis of the findings urges young adults, specifically those...
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