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Positive Psychology: Study of Well-Being and Hope in Adolescents   Sarita Malik

Positive Psychology: Study of Well-Being and Hope in Adolescents

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Adolescent is one of the critical stage of development and many transitions comes from this age. Academic success is important for this age because it is strongly linked to the positive outcomes for adolescents. Research shows that adults with high level of education are more likely to be employed and to earn higher salaries( National Center for Education Statistics, 2001, U.S Department of Commerce, Bureau of The Census, 1999). Researchers indicated that levels of self efficacy and student anxiety could affect the student’s overall academic performances. Self-efficacy involves the confidence in achieving personal, professional goals. Self efficacy could be a significant factor in increasing academic success in a multitude of academic institutions(Bressler and Bressler,2007).
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