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Marketing Management   Veena Tewari Nandi

Marketing Management

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is not an ordinary work from a Marketing Professor but its a much thought over result of teaching and practicing marketing. The author knows the difficulty of people who come from totally technical background and have intention to do good in Marketing and Managment. This book is a successful attempt to teach Marketing Concepts to Non MBAs. Approachable and Understanding for those who intend to pursue higher studies in Marketing. In todays environment no product can be sold off with out the service component and vice versa, this book addresses the Marketing concepts in an applicable way, with which a person can relate easily. The concepts and expressions are ina very easy language and in the last of the book, a dictionary of all Marketing concepts have been given, which are being used normally by the Marketing Professioanls. MUST HAVE!
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