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Recovery Process in Drug Addiction   Prangya Paramita Priyadarshini Das

Recovery Process in Drug Addiction

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Drug addiction has been one of the greatest challenges to the social stability of any community. A rational person otherwise seem to be friendly, considerate and taking of responsibility suddenly lose everything to the intense craze of a drug where nothing else matters. This is destroying the cream of the society. The other episode which damages self respect of the addict and also shakes up the confidence of the counsellor in the process of recovery is the process called relapse. This hurts badly because there have been lots of emotional inputs into the at least temporary recovery. It is analyzed that the recovery process involves going from alienation (hopelessness) to finding a purpose in life. The mediating process seems to come from the factor of employment which gives the addicts a social status.
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