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Two Types of Resilience which Differ in Well-Being   Corine Zacharyas

Two Types of Resilience which Differ in Well-Being

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Resilience ! A phenomenon of growing popularity in a society consumed by stress. Teaching is one of the occupations most affected. Some people seem to be invulnerable to the harmful effects of stress : we call them resilient. They are strong... but not necessarily well ! This book describe resilience and addresses the problem of an uncertain well-being. The type of motivation maintained is a very good indicator of well-being. The concepts of motivation and resilience are brought together in an attempt to find answers to this problem. The author proposes that there are two types of resilience in which motivation and well-being differ. The results of a study of teachers in Quebec demonstrate these distinctions. All forms of resilience are not identical and the differences may be due to the motivations present and the reasons which explain them. How is the individual positioned in relation to his/her work ? Is the work a source of development for the person ?
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