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Occupational stress among employees in Health Care Sector   Kanthimathi Sampath

Occupational stress among employees in Health Care Sector

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Stress arousal of mind and body in response to demands made on them. Stress is ever-present,a universal feature of life. Stress cannot and should not be avoided. Rather,it is to be contained,managed and directed. Stress is multifaceted nature. Although stress is typically discussed in a negative context,it also has a positive value. Many professional see the pressures of heavy workloads and deadlines as positive challenges that enhance the quality of their work and the satisfaction they get from their job. Researchers call it as challenge stressors which are quite different from hindrance stressors. Early evidence suggest that challenge stressors are less harmful than hinderance stressors. The present study analyse the nature of the stress and how the workers manage that stress in health care industry.
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