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Understanding Janusian Thinking   CHEN-YAO KAO

Understanding Janusian Thinking

88 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this changeable world, the knowledge and skills needed in the future are very likely to be unavailable or even unknown at the time a person studies at school. Consequently, schools cannot limit themselves to offering prescribed information and concepts because they may be obsolete rather soon. To prepare our students for the dramatic changes of modern times, creative thinking should be incorporated into all content areas at all grade levels. However, there have been inadequate research studies on the instructional methods integrated with creative thinking processes. This book delves into a ubiquitous but neglected creative thinking process, Janusian thinking, which was first proposed by Albert Rothenberg in 1971. In addition, this book also presents studies on the application of Janusian thinking in English vocabulary learning and Chinese epigram creation. The instructional activities integrated with Janusian thinking are not only entertaining but also edifying. A well-balanced...
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