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Psychology of You 2.0   Ulas Basar Gezgin

Psychology of You 2.0

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As kids, we were exposed to sexist, racist and violent cartoons and video games. We have been bombarded with images of thin females and hypermuscular males. Then we grew up and started to use Internet and then social media. For some of us, Internet has been a way to escape from loneliness, for some others it has bred loneliness. Then comes Facebook. It has been good for some of us and bad for some others. This is a place where the distinction between public space and private space has blurred. Our self-disclosure patterns have been modified. We share things that we are not supposed to share offline. Dad shot daughter’s laptop because of a letter on Facebook. Some of us built their self-esteem on how many ‘friends’ we have made on Facebook. Social media is everywhere. Nowhere else to go. Social media penetrates all aspects of our lives. This book is about this penetration. It can be read as a book for general public or as a textbook together with the educational materials provided in...
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