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The Irkutsk: V.P. Sukachev Art Museum: Painting: Graphic Arts: Applied Arts  

The Irkutsk: V.P. Sukachev Art Museum: Painting: Graphic Arts: Applied Arts

The Artistic Treasury of Russia
230x290 264 страниц. 1993 год.
ARS Publishers LTD
The album "The Irkutsk: V.P.Sukachev Art Museum" opens a series of publications named "The Artistic Treasury of Russia", which is an attempt to continue the undertaking of the famous Russian cultural figure A.N.Benois. In 1901, he initiated the publication of collections under this title which were intended to be a "compendium of exact photographs of the most significant artistic treasures located in Russia". The choice of the Irkutsk collection was dictated by the desire to acquaint those who appreciate art more broadly with the rich holdings of provincial museums which own cultural monuments that are of high artistic value and often are unique. The album reproduces 236 works of art, of which approximately one-third is herein published for the first time, although there are printed works on the museum's collection. The publishers would like to thank the associates of the State Hermitage and the State Russian Museum, who helped very much with their consultations; the Benois...
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