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Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology   Anita Vulic-Prtoric and Marta Cifrek-Kolaric

Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology

324 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology: Research Review is a comprehensive and practical textbook about wide spectrum of psychological problems in childhood and adolescence. The book is divided in 4 main parts, the first of which sets out research framework in the field. In second part, 9 measurement instruments are presented, with their psychometric qualities and main guidelines for their use. In 3 and 4 part, psychologica and health problems that commonly occur in childhood and adolescence are described, including: anxiety and anxiety sensitivity, somatization, psychosomatic symptoms, depression, hyperactivity and aggression, as well as eating disorders, diabetes, recurrent abdominal pain, asthma, headaches and syncope. Each chapter opens with the short description of the aforementioned psychological construct or health problem, followed with the research results in representative samples of children and adolescents (from 100 to 3000 subjects), describing age and gender...
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