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Impact of Parenting on Children: A study in India   Janet Fernandes e de Souza

Impact of Parenting on Children: A study in India

236 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Parenting is a tedious challenge in a world spun with rapid technological, economic and social changes that has its impact on family living and family culture. Parents are significant figures in the lives of their children and the parenting style dominantly used in child rearing does have a large impact on child development. The book envisages the role of parents in developmental areas of self esteem, social competence and academic achievement highlighting the need for parenting workshops that will build awareness among parents of child specific behaviours that should form the repertoire of good parenting. Successful parenting is not a privilege of a few but an art/skill that can and has to be learned to achieve social responsibility by building through our homes a society which upholds a culture of valued and responsible growth of children. The author in a humble style, through a meta-analysis of research on parenting, opens horizons of new perceptions that eludes the reader,...
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