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Delinquent behavior in students   Eunice Nambaka

Delinquent behavior in students

112 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Adolescence has been confirmed to be a volatile period when youths find themselves neither too young for parental care nor adults who can fend for themselves. Too often, in trying to grope for answers to their many questions find themselves in problems that affect their academic performance in school and social relationships. Students who exhibit delinquent behavior are not able to fit in schools and their homes comfortably and are always uneasy with members of the society. It is therefore necessary that the root cause of delinquent acts be sought and remedial steps be taken to help students lead productive and consistent lives. In this book, psychosocial factors that are responsible for delinquent behavior among students are investigated. Control theories are used to explain delinquent behavior in terms of weakened personal and social bonds. The research design employed in the study was descriptive survey. A sample of 144 students randomly selected together with 5 Deputy Principals...
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