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Emotional Quotient in Designing Student Development Program   Philip Joel Macugay

Emotional Quotient in Designing Student Development Program

100 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Emotional quotient is said to be the measurement of one’s emotional intelligence. However, there’s no way or standard how it is being measured. Knowing Emotional Quotient is important to find how individual handle his emotion in day-to-day life situation. Some people with fabulous IQ test were doing poorly in life, because they were wasting their potential by thinking, behaving and communicating in a way that hindered their chance to succeed, only because of one thing, lack of emotional quotient. In the some parts of the world there are agencies and companies have to undergone their employee in Emotional Quotient Test even their job applicant to see if they are in the path of having some difficulties or not. Moreover, in some organization or institution it is necessary to know the background of ones’ individual regarding his or her emotional perspective. Many institutions utilize some Emotional Quotient test to help their employee determine and measure their capability to handle...
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