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Counselling Handbook for University and Colleges   Daniel W Kasomo

Counselling Handbook for University and Colleges

376 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is essential that students in the educational institutions are helped and guided to take up courses and careers suited to their needs, interests and aptitudes, so that they become efficient workers. For optimum individual, social and national development, guidance and counseling needs to be made a regular and continuous activity in University level.Academic guidance and counselling is mainly on the curriculum-related needs of the learner. Courses to enrol, how to carry out assignments and projects, how to prepare for examinations, effective study habits, and how to remedy weaknesses in particular courses are some of these needs. These forms the core of the business the learner routinely engages in academic institution. The finer focus of this booklet will, therefore, be on this category of guidance and counselling service.The focus of our attention should be to determine what kind of non-specialised guidance and counselling service higher education counsellors can offer in order to...
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