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Natural polymers as corrosion inhibitors   Paul Ameh,Nnabuk Eddy and Casimir Gimba

Natural polymers as corrosion inhibitors

196 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is very evident that gums have very vast application in pharmaceutical and food industries. As a result of this, there is increasing in demands for gums globally, which causes the increase in prices of the existing gums in the local and international market. For the price to be stable and less expensive there is need to look for alternative or discoveries of more suitable natural gums which will be of the same quality or even surpass the existing ones. The book presents the Physicochemical and Rheological properties of four gum exudates of Nigerian origin which have never been exploited before. Their nutritional values, metal composition, chemical composition and functional properties of the gum have been outlined in this book.The gums have also been found to be good inhibitors for mild steel corrosion in solutions of HCl and the methods carried out before this generalization was made have been reported
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