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Eating Disorders in Black Women   Nancy Adegoke

Eating Disorders in Black Women

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Black women are often viewed as being less susceptible to disordered eating behaviors and negative body image due to the different beauty standards within the culture. Beauty ideals are considered more flexible and challenge the standards set by mainstream or westernized society and thus it is assumed that Black women are less susceptible to eating disorders. However, these beliefs no longer hold true in various segments of Black society. Current research shows that Black women also fall prey to eating disorders and body dissatisfaction and that a cultural shift on this issue seems to be taking place. The intention of this book is to explore factors such as acculturation and skin color dissatisfaction in the development of disordered eating behaviors among Black women. This research will highlight the complex relationship between cultural identity and eating disorders among Black women. It also challenges prevailing assumptions regarding Black women and eating disorders and...
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