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Portuguese Faith and Attitude Towards Homosexuality   Catia Carvalho

Portuguese Faith and Attitude Towards Homosexuality

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In modern days religion and homosexuality are still dissonant concepts. The rejection of the difference in sexual orientation is translated in sexual prejudice. Prejudice is perceived when related to a non dominant sexual orientation. All those who associate themselves with a sexual minority will have to deal with the resulting oppression of that status and, consequently, with the privilege of being heterosexual. Negative attitudes towards other sexual orientations are most likely the result of a system of beliefs that includes an elevated level of religiosity and conservatism concerning sexuality. Results reveal a low level of faith among Portuguese people and a tendency to acceptance of homosexuality. Although there is a trend to accept homosexuality, prejudice still exists. This finding justifies the involvement of psychology professionals in the development of strategies to combat this type of discrimination and social segregation.
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