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Romantic Jealousy and Self-Esteem Among Married Couples   Anjum Hashmi,Ziauddin Khoso and Rida Rasool Hashmi

Romantic Jealousy and Self-Esteem Among Married Couples

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Marriage is a part of human life which not only forms the sacred contract of union between two beings to begin a family but also forms the social fabric of any society .Now a days due to decreasing tolerance levels between intimate partners there is an increasing rate of divorces and separations globally which is destroying the social structure of nuclear familial units forming distorted societies on a macro level.In Pakistan the norm of separation and divorce is minimal and strongly looked down upon socially with individuals both male and female face severe social pressure in case of divorces which is stressful and destructive in nature for most people who chose to separate/ divorce with their intimate partners.Recently the societal pressure on divorces has started to decrease because of media exposure, deteriorating social values and human right movements. Thus increasing rates of divorce and separation cases are reported in Pakistan too.This study tried to find out relationship of...
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