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Genetic evaluation of growth of sahiwal cattle in semi arid kenya   Salome Migose

Genetic evaluation of growth of sahiwal cattle in semi arid kenya

100 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book contains information on the findings of a research that was carried out to analyze genetic and environmental effects on growth of Sahiwal cattle in Kenya. A brief introduction of the subject, problem and objectives of the study are presented in chapter one. Chapter two gives a review of production of Sahiwal cattle and genetic evaluation and parameters in the tropics. Chapter three outlines the methodology used to analyze environmental factors, (co)variance components, genetic and phenotypic parameters and trends. Chapter four and five presents the results and discussions, respectively. In summary, how the environment and genetics (maternal and direct additive genes) affects growth of Sahiwal cattle in the tropics is discussed. High genetic correlations between growth traits permit selection on early growth traits to improve growth performance in later years. Declining genetic trends reflects suboptimal selection and management decisions. It is recommended that selection be...
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