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Microbial Activities in Relation to Environmental Pollution   Mona Badawi

Microbial Activities in Relation to Environmental Pollution

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Although the biological control concept is occupying non-tiny place on the map of sustainable agriculture along several decades, pesticides remain a particular manner for controlling the various pests in modern vegetable cultivation. This is due to the lack of commercially attractive cultivars with resistance traits and the reduced profit from growing vegetables in long rotations to allow soil-residential pests to decline. The high reliance of vegetable growers on pesticides for the control of associated pests besides the repeated use of the same agrochemicals in vegetable-monoculture areas reduced their biological efficacy. The vegetable-pesticide-microorganism panorama in soil is special concern to secure a proper sufficient and safe agricultural product. Hence, nematicides are universally used to manage nematodes in commercial vegetable cultivation. The complement between integrated pest management (IPM) and integrated fertilizer management (IFM) could be the best way to ameliorate...
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