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Patenting Status Of Bioremediation Technologies   Deepali Gangwar and K.K. Gangwar

Patenting Status Of Bioremediation Technologies

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many researchers and scientists from all over the world are engaged in inventing new technologies to mitigate the problem generated by industrialization. Many of them have developed microbial technologies which have industrial applicability and are being used in reclamation of pollutants. Hence these are commercially and economically viable. For the protection of monopoly, one should seek patenting as patent helps by rewarding the pioneers, who originated the idea and invest in inventing. It also provides a broader legal defence to these inventions. In view of the feasibility and broader demand of the technology, this book has been developed to provide comprehensive information available on the status of patenting and patented technologies which are being used for bioremediation in US, European countries and India. It provides a brief introduction of bioremediation technologies, process, chronology and need of patenting, market status, key patents and key market players in this field....
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