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Protocols for Evaluation of Probiotic Attributes of Lactic Cultures   Tejpal Dhewa

Protocols for Evaluation of Probiotic Attributes of Lactic Cultures

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Food Microbiology is highly dynamic subject of science that is growing at an accelerated speed and the range of information is ever-increasing with newer techniques and protocols day by day. Laboratory Protocols for evaluation of functional attributes of lactic acid bacteria are very useful for students and researchers who are working with probiotic cultures. The main purpose of this lab is to guide students through some basic microbiology experiments. Laboratory standard operating procedures have been incorporated. Experiments written in this manual are helpful in screening of potential lactic cultures from various sources to use as probiotics (health beneficial organisms) and may be further incorporated in our diet after successful in clinical trials.
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