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Microbiological Quality of Raw Goat Milk   Epi Taufik

Microbiological Quality of Raw Goat Milk

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Unlike cow milk, which has stringent hygiene and safety regulations, microbiological standards for the production and distribution of goat milk is more relaxed. Whilst most of the consumer prefer to drink raw goat milk due to their belief in some benefits of it, so far this product has less attention in terms of quality and safety control from government authority as compared to cow milk and milk products. Therefore the investigation on the microbiological quality of raw goat milk and its associated risk factors is of central importance. This book provides integrated approach of analysis by evaluating the relationship between animal and farm conditions and microbiological quality of its product. The methods of analysis are simple and applicable, it can be used by anyone who have interest in the field of animal food hygiene and safety. The baseline information from this study can also be used by authority in formulating intervention policy to assist the farmers for...
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