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Microscopic Examination of Hair "A Tool in Criminal Investigations"   Neha Chaurasia and Vandana Vinayak

Microscopic Examination of Hair "A Tool in Criminal Investigations"

112 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The scientific study of hair is called Trichology and when used in criminal justice delivery system, it is termed as Forensic Trichology. Forensic hair examination is a unique field developed especially for criminal investigation and it is not practiced in industrial and academic fields. The objectives of this study were: to collect and compare hair samples from different body parts of humans and animals, to compare microscopical data of different hair samples and analyze their forensic significance, and to compare human and animal hair. The research revealed that microscopic examination by an experienced scientist can help in narrowing down the search to origin of hair, even if the hair evidence is very minimal. Examination of exhibits under microscopes will always provide good information and investigation leads in a very non-destructive manner. It was also found that a careful microscopic examination of hair will reveal morphological features that can distinguish human hair from...
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