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Microbial Tannases - An Overview   Dinesh Prasad,N. R. Kamini and M. K. Gowthaman

Microbial Tannases - An Overview

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tannases (tannin acyl hydrolase, E.C. are gaining more scientific and industrial relevance because of their hydrolytic as well as synthetic capability in suitable solvent systems. The enzyme tannase has diverse industrial applications, but are currently limited due to inadequate information on the basic characteristics such as physicochemical and catalytic properties, regulation mechanisms and high production cost. Available art on tannases is either superficial or forms a part of other information. This monograph attempts to present a state-of-art and detailed information on various aspects of tannases, exploring scientific and technological facets, emphasizing on substrates, production, physicochemical properties, effect of inhibitors, purification strategies and applications. Recent developments in technology, intellectual property rights, year-wise published reports, global manufacturers and market scenario are the main focus to fulfill the research and industrial need.
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